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DNBelab C4 Pocket Single-Cell Lab


DNBelab C4 Pocket Single-Cell Lab

The rapid advancement of single-cell research is changing our knowledge and understanding of systems biology. DNBelab Cell Omics Solution, featuring proprietary DNBelab C Series Single-Cell Sample Preparation and DNBSEQ sequencing technologies, is comprised of DNBelab C4 Pocket Single-Cell Lab, DNBelab C Series Single-Cell Library Preparation Set, DNBSEQ sequencing platform, and single-cell analysis suite, all as part of a portable, instant, and one-stop single-cell research workflow.


Technical advantages

Length 230mm、Width 42mm、Height 57mm,Weight 220g
No power supply required, directly driven by negative pressure
Instantly start your single-cell library preparation
One-stop:From cell to single-cell analysis report
Starting with liquid cell suspension, the DNBelab C4 will encapsulate single cells within liquid droplets, cell lysis and mRNA capture by designed beads, followed by efficient demulsification recovery of beads, reverse transcription, cDNA synthesis, and followed by high- throughput library preparation, sequencing, and data analysis.
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