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MGIEasy Exome Capture V5 Probe Set
MGIEasy Exome Capture V5 Probe Set not only covers the regions of traditional exome probes, but also ensures the comprehensive capture of coding sequences related to various diseases by targeted design, e.g. Reproductive, neonatal, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, hereditary tumors/deafness, monogenic, medication safety, personal genome, immunodeficiency, mitochondrial defects etc.


Region of probe is 69 Mb
More disease site
Excellent utilization
Stable and efficient capture efficiency


Product Name MGIEasy Exome Capture V5 Probe Set
PN. 1000007746
Compatible Platform MGI Series,Illumina Series and Life Series
Reaction/kit 16 rxn
Shelf Life 12 Months
Sample require 1 ug PCR Product
Variation Type SNP & Indel
SEQ model PE100/PE150
Species Human
Technology Chip Capture+High-Throughput Sequencing

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