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MGIEasy RAD Library Prep Kit
The MGIEasy RAD Library Prep Kit supports library preparation for Restriction-site Associated DNA Sequence on the MGI high throughput sequencing platform. The kit provides reagents for library preparation from 1 ug of animal and plant gDNA, including restriction enzyme digestion, adaptor ligation, samples pooling, size selection, PCR, purification and single-strand circularization. It can be used in the fields of molecular marker development, genetic map construction, QTL mapping, genome-wide association analysis, population genetic analysis and molecular breeding.


Compatible with animal and plant samples.
Simple and fast operation without ER/A tailing.
High throughput library preparation solution enables the pooling of 16-64 samples.


Product Name MGIEasy RAD Library Prep Kit
Version V1
Reaction/kit 64 RXN (1000005242)
Storage temperature requirement -18℃~-25℃
Input Quantity 1 ug gDNA
Sample types tissues
Species Compatibility Animals and plants, such as pig and rich
Fragmentation method double digestion technique
Assay Time 7 h
Applications Agriculture research
Platform Compatibility MGISEQ-2000
Recommended Read Length PE100

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