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MGIEasy FS DNA Library Prep Set
The MGIEasy FS DNA Library Prep Set is specifically designed for WGS libraries construction for MGI high-throughput sequencing platform series. This library prep set is optimized to convert 5-300 ng genomic DNA into a customized library. This set uses advanced Adapter Ligation technology and High-fidelity PCR Enzymes to significantly increase library yield and conversion rate. All reagents provided within this set have passed stringent quality control and functional verification procedures, ensuring performance stability and reproducibility.
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Low sample input:0.5 ng - 300 ng of genomic DNA (gDNA) samples can be processed
Good sample compatibility:gDNA , FFPE and samples with different degrees of degradation
Wide range of species:Humans, animals and plants, high or low GC bacteria, fungi, and low input of meta sample types
Quick library preparation process:Library preparation can be completed in 5 hours without mechanical interruption
Repeatable library yield:Good consistency of the library yield
Achieve full automated process:Compatible with automated sample preparation system MGISP-100


Total time ~5 hours
Hands on time ~40 minutes
Sample input 0.5 ng - 300 ng gDNA
Insert size 200-500 bp
Sample type gDNA, FFPE and etc.
Species source human, animals, plants, fungi, bacteria, meta sample and etc.
Application whole genome sequencing of various species
Sequencing platform MGISEQ-2000, MGISEQ-200, BGISEQ-500, BGISEQ-50 and etc.
Sequencing strategy SE50, PE100, PE150 and etc.
Adaptation automation platform MGISP-100 automated sample preparation system

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