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MGI introduces total solution for single cell RNA sequencing using flexible, large-scale MGISEQ-2000 sequencing platform compatible with 10x Genomics


TOKYO, May 21, 2019 – MGI, a subsidiary of global genomics leader BGI Group, announced it will begin marketing a total solution for single cell RNA Sequencing as part of the 10x Genomics’ Compatible Product Partner Program on MGI’s MGISEQ and BGISEQ sequencing platform.

The total solution includes the new MGIEasy Universal Library Conversion Kit and 10x Genomics Chromium Controller and Single Cell RNA Solutions, which are compatible with the MGISEQ and BGISEQ platform. MGI presented the solution at the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) Workshop on Single Cell Biology in Tokyo, where the company hosted a luncheon session on May 21st, 2019.

MGI’s single-cell RNA sequencing technology has been independently validated by two research groups: Wellcome Sanger Institute in the UK and the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney, Australia. In experiments designed to evaluate performance of MGI’s single cell RNA sequencing compared to other vendors, analyses have shown that MGI’s data quality is comparable to data generated using a competitor’s technology, but that sequencing costs are lower.  MGI’s proprietary DNBSEQTM technology utilizes DNA nanoballs (DNBs) based on rolling circle replication (RCR) for array preparation; this linear amplification is PCR free and can avoid error accumulation.

“Single-cell RNA-sequencing on MGI’s DNBSEQTM sequencing platform demonstrates excellent results and being a part of the Partner Program from 10x Genomics, the leader in single cell analysis, will enable us to deliver stronger solutions to our customers,” said MGI Chief Operating Officer Jiang Hui. “Our universal conversion kits can be used for other applications in the future, so this is just the beginning.”

In recent publication in Genome Biology the researchers at the  Wellcome Sanger Institute in the UK, Dr. Sarah Teichmann and Dr. Kedar Natarajan, independently analyzed single-cell RNA sequencing data from BGI sequencing platform, and indicated that the data from DNBSEQTMtechnology showed comparable excellent performance  to that from Illumina technology.

Dr. Teichmann and Dr. Natarajan from the Wellcome Sanger Institute spoke at MGI’s session May 21 at the EMBO Workshop in Tokyo.

In another recent study, the Garvan team also analyzed the data from MGISEQ-2000 and Illumina's NextSeq 500 and NovaSeq 6000. All of the libraries were generated on the 10x Genomics platform. The researchers confirmed that the data from MGISEQ-2000 and NovaSeq showed comparable and consistent performance, but both platforms performed better than the NextSeq 500, either in identifying more cells, genes or unique molecular indexes. The study results were published in February 2019 on the BioRxiv preprint server.

These milestone studies follow last years’ announcement in January 2018 that MGI would join the 10x Genomics’ Compatible Product Partner Program to explore compatibility of 10x Genomics’ Single Cell Gene Expression Solutions with MGI’s BGISEQ and MGISEQ platforms. The new milestones announced today demonstrate the compatibility of these platforms.

The compatible solution for single cell biology is just one illustration of how the DNBSEQTM library can be compatible with existing sequencing libraries and applications, but it doesn’t stop there. Other single cell methods could be compatible, too, and MGI will continue to drive innovation, provide choice and enable effective and affordable solutions for oncology panels, exome applications and infectious disease detection through its Universal Conversion Methodology.

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